How to talk to children about their difficulties and behaviour

In our CAMHS training we are taught how difficult it is to get it right first time, and how important it is to trust our own experience and feeling about a situation. Children can be very skilled at stirring up difficult feelings in the adults that care about them as a means of communicating.

Taking notice of the feelings they generate in us can be important information. So for example if they perpetually seem to want to wind you up and to cause trouble just at the point that you are not able to deal with it, this can be important information about how they need to be listened to.

Making space for each of your children in their own right is important and sometimes difficult to achieve in a busy household. If you feel difficulties have got beyond what is manageable within the home, then visit the NHS Camden website for more information on how we can support you. Camden CAMHS consists of a number of services in Camden for children, young people, their families and carers who are experiencing emotional, behavioural and mental health problems.